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Hair transplantation is a natural medical solution against partial or overall hair loss.

Using the hair transplantation technique FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), the grafts are applied one by one to those areas which lost their hair partially or completely or in the areas which exist scars. Since no cutting and stitching is used there, no scars will be visible, giving the patient a natural look. 

The operation takes 4-7 hours since local anesthesia is applied, there is no pain felt during the operation. At the first stage of the operation, healthy grafts are collected from the back area of your head, between the two ears which are genetically resistant to shredding. Then these grafts will be carefully implanted into the newly opened canals.

The newly implanted grafts will fall off at the first 4-6 weeks. About 3 months later new hair will start to appear, it will intensify in 6-8 months and at the end of a year, the maximum result will be reached.

There is no specific season for hair transplantation, this procedure can be done all year. 

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