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Corrective surgery is the procedure in which we correct the deformities that occurred during previous operations either due to the complications or the first session on hair transplant wasn't enough to cover all the baldness areas by using the proper methods and treatments.

A result might occur after the hair transplantation surgery by which neither the patient nor the operating surgeon can be satisfied. It might happen due to inexperienced surgeons, the mistakes that can stem from both equipment or the clinic itself or not giving enough attention to the operation.  

In such cases, there may be a great loss of hair in the transplanted area and an unnatural or thin hairline may occur.

Having had such an unprecedented complexion after the surgery, the hair transplant corrective surgery is used for improving the general appearance of the patient. During the operation, the follicles which create a "grass doll look" are removed and re-implanted again. Performing this operation enhances the desired appearance.

The most important subject in hair transplant corrective surgery is to understand and evaluate the problems which made the patient unsatisfied. Due to the previous unsuccessful surgery, the patient may have higher expectations. It is important to inform the patient about all the steps and possible results.



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