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What is IV Doping-assisted hair transplantation?

Hair Doping; Its formula containing plant extracts, vitamins and minerals is a complex serum formulated for all men and women, regardless of age, who want to maximize their hair needs. It is a brand new and very powerful treatment for hair treatments whose effectiveness has been scientifically proven. IV Doping, in short, is an intravenous, that is, a hair treatment that provides maximum nutrition from the vein.

Vitamins and minerals play an important role in strengthening hair follicles and healthy hair growth. IV Doping supported hair treatment is a serum developed to fully utilize the power of plant extracts, vitamins and minerals. IV Doping serum containing vitamins such as biotin, niacin (vitamin B3), folic acid, zinc, C and B, which are vital for hair health, is given directly to the body through the vein. Thus, the newly transplanted hair is supported with this formula, which we call multivitamin doping, and it is aimed to grow lush, strong and fast by keeping the transplanted hair strong with minimum loss. While the biotin in IV Doping serum, whose content can be determined according to the hair structure and needs of the person, strengthens the hair, zinc allows the skin to heal rapidly in the area where the transplantation is made. N-acetylcysteine improves subcutaneous connective tissues, while vitamin B5 strengthens hair strands. In addition, wound healing is accelerated, both the donor and the skin in the transplanted area recover quickly. However, effects such as crusting, acne, redness and itching that will disturb the comfort of the person are reduced to almost non-existent. Thus, the person who has a hair transplant will have a very comfortable recovery period. IV Doping vitamin serum activates the entire metabolism and provides nourishment and strengthening of the eyebrows, beard and nails as well as the transplanted roots.

How is IV Doping supported hair transplantation done?

In IV Doping supported hair transplantation, multivitamin serum is included in the operation process on the day of transplantation. During the hair transplant operation, normally only intravenous antibiotics, anti-edema and pain reliever serums are given to the person, while in IV Doping supported hair transplantation, multivitamins are added to these serums. This serum, whose content varies according to the hair and skin structure of the person who has had hair transplantation, ensures that vitamins and minerals reach the capillaries that feed the hair intensively. The newly planted hair follicles, which take the vitamins they need from the capillaries, hold onto the planting area strongly by doping, and while the existing hair gains a bright and lively appearance, the newly transplanted hair also grows quickly and strongly.

IV Doping-assisted hair treatment is first applied to the person during hair transplantation as a complementary treatment. Anyone over the age of 18 can easily choose IV Doping-assisted hair treatment, which provides the highest efficiency from both hair transplantation and nourishing treatment by performing a 5-month program once a month according to the needs of the hair.

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