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Our hair has a great impact on our lives with the value it adds to our appearances. For this reason, hair loss can be a very emotionally and challenging condition for some people. Due to this reason, hair transplantation and different hair-related applications are a method that is widely used in our country.

It is very important that people with hair loss must first determine the cause of hair lost and must be treated accordingly

In fact, everyone loses hair out every day,  up to a certain number (from 50 to 100 strand per day) is quite normal. Because our hair has certain stages of growth;

  • The Anagen stage is the growth stage.
  • The Catagen stage is the stage of regression.
  • The Telogen stage is the testing stage.
  • The Exogenous stage is the stage of hair loss.

Hair loss doesn’t always occur. In most cases, there is a transition from the resting phase to the growth phase again but things may not always go well. Genetic factors (the problem of hair loss in the family), hormonal changes (such as Menopause, pregnancy). Hair loss may occur due to certain diseases, stress and environmental factors and nutritional problems.

Among the people with hair loss, the vascularization of the scalp is not good enough. Over time, the capillaries narrow; the strands of hair begin to thin out, hair follicles cannot be fed enough and the hair strand cannot grow. Eventually, hair loss also occurs.

The cause of hair loss observed in everyone may be different. The most effective hair loss treatment should be determined individually. Just like in the treatment of other diseases, the cause must first be determined.

How is the Hair Check-Up process done?

First of all, we take you to the examination area. During this examination, the degree of hair loss, other hair and scalp problems that accompany hair loss (such as eczema), daily habits, eating habits, medications you use, and your medical condition are examined in great detail.

After that, your doctor will ask you for some laboratory tests if necessary. This is because for having healthy and strong hair, some vitamin or mineral values must be above the standard.

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