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• After the procedure the first three nights are the most important, it is crucial you protect the area of your head where the hair has been implanted, we would advise you use rolled up towels to prop your head in the best angle instead of using pillows that surround your head.
• If required, you can take the painkillers that were issued to you by the doctor, as prescribed.
• In order to avoid any possible infection you must take the full course of antibiotics that were issued to you – Please note Alcohol is not premitted whilst taking these antibiotics.
• ın the first 3 days after the procedure you must ensure your head is protected- do not touch, scrape or hit the area of where the impant has taken place.
• For the first 2 days after the operation you must not wash your hair, on the third day you can wash your hair with the shampoo we have given you and must continue to use only that shampoo for the following 10 days.
• Please ensure you wash your hair using the same technique that the doctors showed you at the hospital.
• In the first 10 days you will find all the implanted area will have dry blood and have scabs that may be itchy, it is important you do not scratch your head, the skin will naturally heal over the coming days.
• As smoking can majorly affect your blood circulation, it is advise not to smoke for at least 10 days post operation.
• Alcohol can also affect your blood circulation, it is advise not to drink alcohol for 10 days post operation.
• The implanted areas must be protected from the sun for 10 days, please note wearing a hat is not permitted, we advise you refrain from being out in direct sun light for the 10 day period.
• Swimming, sauna, hot tub and any soaking in water is not advsied for 28days post operation
• Any heavy physical activity should be avoided for 20 days post operation.
• You must not eat high fat and unhealthy foods for the first 28days, we advise you eat a high protein diet to boost recovery. ie. Red meat, chicken, eggs and Yougurt.
• You must drink at least 1litre of water per day for the first 28 days.

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