What is Breast Lift Surgery?

What is Breast Lift Surgery?

In women, the breast area loses its shape over time, age, stress or genetically, and sagging may occur. People with large breasts experience sagging at an earlier age. Under normal conditions, the nipple should be above the nipple line, while in sagging breasts, the nipple is downwards.

Breast lift surgery is a type of aesthetic operation performed in cases such as loss of fullness of the breast, sagging of the nipple downwards, depending on physical and environmental factors. At this point, the basic principle is whether the nipple is at the level of the breast fold or below.

Thanks to the breast lift surgery performed for sagging breasts to regain an upright appearance, excess skin is removed from the person's breasts and the nipples are moved to the position they should be. If the breasts are too large, the excess breast in the area is removed, while silicone prosthesis is applied to people with small breasts. In order to increase the success of this surgery, it is important for the person to get rid of their extra weight, if any.

After the expert control for breast lift surgery, it is decided how the breast will be seen. Then, the operation planning is done. After the operation, which is applied as a result of the warnings of our specialists, the patient quickly regains his health and aesthetic appearance.

Is There Any Scar After Breast Lift Surgery?

Although some scars remain in breast lift surgeries performed with current techniques and materials, the scars are at a level that cannot be seen unless carefully looked at. It is more difficult to see the surgical scar in people with dark skin. However, it is recommended that people who are sensitive about this issue discuss the issue in detail with their physician before the operation.

After breast lift surgery, there may be a temporary loss of sensation. In the months following the operation, the breast and nipple regain their former sensitivity.


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